A guy that won't give up his IIgs

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Posted by Metalligoth on April 10, 19101 at 10:37:57:

Hey all!

My father has been using his IIgs since he bought it new, over a decade now. He has a program called ProTERM which he still uses to send newspaper articles to his work on a 1200 baud modem.

The IIgs is starting to die from being used so much, and I had to hook up an old Commodore monitor to the RCA out port because the monitor takes half an hour to turn on.

Here's my question (actually, a few of 'em):
Is there any way I can set something up that will be the same for him to use? He really loves his Apple II! Can I get a IIgs and ProTERM emulator somewhere for a PC? Does anyone have a IIgs with ProTERM and a modem for sale?

I can program in Visual Basic (I learned becuase I did basic on my IIgs) so should I just make a program that looks like ProTERM and tell hime to deal with it???

I read there is a TCP/IP program for IIgs now. Could I get it to work to the point where I could send and recieve e-mail on my IIgs?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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