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Posted by Lee F. on April 15, 19101 at 15:28:40:

In Reply to: Re: Apple IIc posted by LDA on March 13, 19101 at 08:51:48:

: : I have an Apple IIc in mint condition with an extra disk drive and power supply. The only
: : discrepancy of this setup is that the chord of the extra dick drive's chord has cut plastic
: : wrapping, but still functions perfectly. If anyone knows how much this computer is worth,
: : or if its value is increasing, etc..., please email me, i am very curious.
: : thanks,
: : jeff

: Jeff, I'd love to tell you that you have a collector's dream that's worth a fortune,
: but unfortunately, it's only a 'treasure' to us Apple2 lovers. On E-Bay, probably worth
: a few dollars. Value definitely NOT increasing yet. Perhaps in the year 2150 ?

: BTW, you may get more selling the IIc external disk drive to someone who needs
: one badly, than what you'd get for the IIc computer. Weird ? Yup, but still
: probably only a few dollars.

: Cheers,

Yes... but who in their right mind would want to sell a mint Apple //c? :) I got a near-mint complete system with B&W (not green) screen, with the 5 original disks (labels and sleeves are glossy and new), all the manuals, INCLUDING packing lists and awesome set of four Apple logo stickers!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I had tears of joy streaming down my face when I won the bid on Ebay for $21.01.

In the short time I've had it, it's paid for itself a hundred times over in sheer nostalgic warm fuzzies. Each HELLO and STARTUP program I write, every line of assembly, every beep of the speaker... ahh... the memories.

If it is in very good shape and you want to sell it on Ebay, post many CLEAR pictures of it. You will get several bids. I've seen pristine Apples go for up to $100. I got lucky because the person I won it from didn't post pictures, which is usually a warning sign to other bidders, but I e-mailed him and he sent me some photos. I'm sure that if he'd been able to post them correctly, he would have at least doubled the bid.

Just my $.02 :) Take care.


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