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Posted by John L on April 16, 19101 at 04:03:05:

In Reply to: IIc / PC serial connection posted by Lee F. on April 15, 19101 at 15:02:46:

:I just got a wonderful, like-new //c a couple weeks ago and just ordered a 6FT IIc to ImgWriter I cable to connect it to my PC. I also bought a 10FT DB9M to DB25F serial cable for the conversion. Is that too long? 6FT may just barely reach in my current configuration.

Should be ok

: Also, has anyone else had luck using ADT on a //c? Is it possible to transfer .DO images as well as .DSK? If not, is there a program that will let me convert .DO's to .DSK's?

ADT 1.22 (DOS 3.3) works fine on a //c with the appropriate serial cable.

: I have a copy of ProTerm 3 on the way (didn't know about ADT when I won it on ebay). Does anyone out there use ProTerm for transferring binaries to and from a PC? Entire disk images?

Yep - do it all the time and prefer this method over ADT since I can transfer any disk format directly to my IIgs. I regularly transfer SHK (Shrinkit) files and disk images (SDK) to and from my PC and IIgs with a null modem cable on the IIgs end. On the IIgs end I use ASIMOV 1.3 or ASIMOV 2.0 (GSOS) to unpack any disk format on the IIgs. Works very well. Just make sure that when you download any Apple // file or disk images (on the PC end) that the transfer is made in BINARY format at EVERY stage. I use Zmodem when transferring an Apple // image file from my PC to IIgs via ProTERM.

I forgot to mention that I use a DOS terminal program called TELEMATE 4.0 on the PC to send my Apple // files to my IIgs via serial cable. This program is more flexible and reliable (IMO) than any Windows terminal program. It even works correctly under Windows NT.

Have fun!



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