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Posted by Paul G on April 18, 19101 at 03:46:34:


I'm trying to transfer an EXEC-able file to GS ProDOS volume. The problem is that GS doesn't identify the file as text file. And whenever I try to EXEC it, the ProDOS sez "FILE TYPE MISMATCH" or something. ANyways it doesn't identify it as text. I use TransMac to get files on Mac disk from my PC. Then I copy those files on ProDOS volume from either my LC or Performa. In TransMac there are settings to transfer file as Binary or Text but that doesn't matter since I tried both. Now, the situation wouldn't be so bad if I could send the text file through the serial port from my pC to Apple 2. I can establish NULL modem serial connection. When I send Text File in Hyper Terminal and type IN#2 a bunch of garbage shows up on GS's screen. What's wrong here? The file i'm tryin to send is indeed an ASCII text file. What's wrong with the file? Here's an example what file looks like inside.
[]- stands for CR control character

CALL-151[]E00:38 A5 FF D0 32 D8 20 8E FD AD...etc.


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