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Posted by Terry Allen on April 19, 19101 at 19:58:12:

Hi again,
I got an email a few minutes back, with someone who's giving some old Apple II stuff away. Here's the email, so if you're interested, please contact this person, not me.

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 18:30:03 +1300
Subject: Apple //e Software.
From: David Lewis
Mime-version: 1.0

I recently found a website which referred to Apple //e computers. ( D
Tribby) The reply to my contact there suggested I contact you. By your
email address I guess you are in Australia..

Ihave some //e software that has been accumulating in my bottom drawer. I
would rather it be given to a better home.

I used to have a //e, at least the last one I have is a Redstone thinking
it was an Apple //e (128 kb) I still have it although the Keyboard
connection is not a well fellow. But I do have some software that I have
been rather reluctant to throw away. Basically it is all educational

None of my local schools have any //e's now, but if you have any use for, or
know of anyone who has a use for the software I'd gladly donate/ give it.

This is alist of what I have,
Scholastic - 'Secret Filer', & 'Survey Taker'
DLM - 'Teddy Bear-rels of Fun'
Mindscape - 'Crossword Magic'
Styleware - 'Multiscribe'
Plus Appleworks 2.0 for //e

I live in New Zealand.



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