Re: What're your favorite nostalgia-inducing Apple games?

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Posted by Lee F. on April 20, 19101 at 04:08:13:

In Reply to: Re: What're your favorite nostalgia-inducing Apple games? posted by John L on April 19, 19101 at 13:03:43:

I felt compelled to inject some commentary...

: Some of my Alltime favourite 8-bit Apple // titles are:

: * Aztec (great graphics and challenging)
: * Night Mission Pinabll (One of the BEST!)

Good gravy, yes!

: * Wizardry I (The best RPG of all time)
: * Miner 2049er (Fun game)
: * Olympic Decathlon (I played this for hours !!)
: * Choplifter (One of the very best A2 games )

I remember the first time I saw Choplifter was at a user group meeting at the Kadena Rec Center in Okinawa. Talk about nostalgia!

: * Swashbuckler (Great swordfighting game)

Funny, I always thought of that one as cheesy, but it was incredibly addictive.

: * Conan (Great scrolling game)

Great arcade action! :)

: * Eliminator (A cool scrolling shooter)
: * Falcons (Great shooter)

I remember that game being really hard to play.

: * Ultima IV (One of the best fantasy games)

There was no greater adventuring experience than playing Ultima IV on an Apple equipped with a Mockingboard.

: Other non-game titles:

: * Print Shop
: * Flight Simulator II

I would often get frustrated at how long it would take to buzz the Statue of Liberty... so I would enter slew mode.

: * Appleworks 3.0
: * DB Master Professional
: * Ascii Express ProDOS
: * ProTERM 3.1
: * Robot Odyssey
: * Most of the Beagle Bros titles

Yep! Software for the Apple addicts.

: * Copy II Plus
: * Locksmith 5/6.0

Copy II Plus and Locksmith... ahhh... the fond memories. How glad were we when we finally invested in that second drive?!

: * EDD IV

Thanks for sharing!


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