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Posted by Paul on April 20, 19101 at 07:19:29:

In Reply to: Re: I need ShrinkIT posted by John L on April 19, 19101 at 17:10:48:

Yes, but I have only one 3.5" drive and one 5.25". My GS is a ROM 3 with a memory expansion board, 2MB total ram. I'm thinking of trying to boot from AppleTalk network, I setup all the cables on my Performa and added a shared folder. The apple sees the server, however, it gives me an error message about contacting a sys. admin. Could it be the file system incompatibility? How can I overcome that.

: : Ok, I have a GS shrinkit that requires GS system 5. I don;t have GS OS 5. However I do have GS/OS 6 installation that requires some kind of shrinkit. I would appreciate if someone could send me ProDOS shrinkit or a program that could turn DSK files back to disks.

: I sent you a copy of GSHK.SEA which works fine under GSOS 6.0.1 . You need to have System 6.0.1 up and running properly before you can use it. A bare minimum install is about 1.125MB RAM and TWO 3.5" drives. A hard drive is a must but not essential.

: John

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