Apple IIGS Programs

The Apple IIGS is a great environment for someone who wants to play around with programming. The system is small enough that the essentials can be mastered, but large enough to allow somewhat sophisticated programs.

In 1987 I purchased the APW Programmer's Workbench and TML Pascal along with Apple's Toolbox and ProDOS 16 documentation and started writing programs. Later, I graduated to the ORCA programming environment, including ORCA/C. I bought GNO/ME when it first came out, in order to have a UNIX-like environment that is compatible with the ORCA languages.

The Archives

Over the years, I uploaded various programs (Blackjack Tutor, waveLAB, Text Color, synthfile, catrez) to GEnie, Apple II FTP sites, and comp.binaries.apple2. I've pulled out those archives, plus looked over my disks for additional programs that might be useful to other people. Since this is the first time some of these programs have been made public, there may be ``gotchas'' that keep them from working on your system. If you run into any problems, please let me know.

Programs related to MIDI Synth are on my MIDI Synth page, while programs that are released with the GNO/ME system can be accessed through the Trenco Apple II FTP Archive.


  • If you are using Netscape Navigator, you will probably need to ``shift-click'' on the links in order to get them to download to your system rather than display as garbled text.

  • You can list the software archive (.SHK) and description (.txt) files in directory format.

Blackjack Tutor v. 3.0
Create, learn, and test playing strategies for the card game known as Blackjack or 21. (After a few modifications, Blackjack Tutor version 4.0 was published on Softdisk G-S issue #52 in 1994; that issue can be purchased from Softdisk Publishing.)

A desktop program to display Finder icons used by your system. Can be purchased from Softdisk Publishing. Written for Softdisk G-S issue #80 in 1996.

Of interest to programmers: Here's the ORCA/C and REZ source code I start with when I want to create an Apple IIGS desktop program.

Text Colors
This shell-based program allows you to view combinations of screen text colors and select the one you want. The ORCA/M source code demonstrates how to use the MegaII video registers to display a different foreground color on each text screen line.

Shell-based program to change the name of the font stored in a font file. ORCA/C source code included.

copyvol and testvol
copyvol is a shell-based program that copies the contents of one GS/OS volume onto another. I use it to back up my hard disk partitions onto Zip disk partitions. It tries harder than Finder to overcome read errors. Use the companion program, testvol, to count the number of errors reading a volume. ORCA/C source code included.

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