Re: 2 Serial burnouts :(((

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Posted by Paul G on April 25, 19101 at 13:21:20:

In Reply to: Re: 2 Serial burnouts :((( posted by Vince on April 25, 19101 at 12:53:54:

I don't really understand the actual problem why this burnout happened. Why did it blow on me now? I didn't disconnect/connect serial cables while systems were running. When I pulled the GS's plug, the GS was OFF with NULL cable plugged to both machines. Burnout happened only when I pulled GS's the plug while GS was off! Very strange, I've done 1000s of transfers to my other Macs and this GS using this cable, nothing like this happened. Btw, What's that testing loopback circuit to test the port and what pins do I check voltage on?? Thank you.

: One more note, you cannot effectively check the com port unless a loopback plug is placed on the serial port and even running say hyperterminal and seeing if what you type comes up on the terminal screen. The software you mention must only check the status of the uart and the problem is not going to be found that way. I can send a diagram on how to make a loopback plug if you'd like. Serial problems are the worst and I'm am no com expert, but I don't mind assisting if I can. Good luck and here's my email address.


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