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Posted by Paul G on April 26, 19101 at 07:04:28:

In Reply to: Re: not to change the subject, but... posted by Vince on April 26, 19101 at 04:55:29:

No, you need PC file exchange program that can read/write/format ProDOS 800k disks. I can send it to u if you want to avoid hassle of searching for it. You need to get comm software for MAC on a 800k Mac formatted disk. When you install it, you'll be able to send files from your PC to Mac. Then you can use Mac to copy downloaded files to ProDOS 800k disk.

: Will the 800K disks that I write on the mac be able to be used by the gs?

: : Yes you can do that. Any new mac should be able to write 800k disks. I've worked with 2 comm programs like FreeTerm that came with my mac and you can download Zterm from I'm not sure about the 2mg files though. What is that 2mg format? Btw along with Comm prog, you should get Disk Copy 4.2 utility for mac, very useful. Funny fact though, Apple 2gs uses the same 65816 chip that Super Nintendo uses. Haven't seen to many SNES quality games for GS yet.

: :
: : : Well, I forgot to mention that I have an SE with an 800K drive, but no comm software :( If I went to the library and used a mac for example, could I use an 800K disk (preformatted on my SE) and get software onto it that way? Also, can I use my SE to extract the 2mg files into 800K disk images? I like my 2gs, but the only software other than the OS is 2e and 2+ software and it defeats the 16-bit mode of the 2gs.

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