Apple II Plus ??

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Posted by earl on February 07, 19101 at 14:27:28:

I was given what appears to be an Apple II Plus. The Apple II Plus lid is a differeent color (somewhat darker) than the plastic case. Also, the computer has a see-through plexiglass bottom, rather than the metal bottom that others have.

Did Apple ever make plexiglass bottoms for the Apple II, II Plus, or IIe lines?

The motherboard looks like that of an Apple II Plus.

The Disk II controller card works fine in another machine.

When I try to boot up the machine using DOS 3.3 I get the Apple II on the screen, but the disk drive does not stop whirring until I hit Reset. On the screen I get

7DE4- A=04 X=60 Y=06 P=7C S=D8

After I hit Reset, I can write simple programs and the computer answer correctly, such as:

]Let A = 3
]Print A

Do I have a bad chip that is not allowing me to read the disk drive?
Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

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