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Posted by Paul G on April 25, 19101 at 13:15:26:

In Reply to: not to change the subject, but... posted by vince on April 25, 19101 at 13:00:49:

Hm, well, only other ways aside from getting the actual disks with software is to use a Mac computer. I have a collection of old macs that I found on garbage. Here are models that I have and any of these should do. Mac SE, Mac LC, Performa 630CD. If you got SE(or any other mak with 800k drive) you need to use a NULL modem to transfer files, and mac must have Freeterm or other terminal software installed. If you have LC or Performa (or a mac that can write 1.44mb disks) you are in an easier situation. Use your PC to download files then copy files to a mac disk using TransMac or get PC Exchange for Mac and then you can read 1.44 FAT disks. Unfortunately, PCs can't write to Mac's 800k disk format. If you need any specific info e-mail me. GAVP@GIS.NET

: I noticed that you are running (or were) a pc to a ][ gs and I have a couple of questions. First, I have a 1.25meg GS rom 1, with 1 3.5 and 2 5.25 drives running GS/OS 6x and no hard drive. I have no compression software such as shrink-it and I have no com program for the GS. My question is how dow I get 2mg or other image files to the gs? I really can't grasp the binscii program and how to get it to the 2gs. I have used adt very effectively to move .dsk files over to my 2+ and 2e, but adt doesn't work for 2mg files :( Is there a way to do this and how can I find out about biniscii and how to use it? And same for shrink-it?

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