2 Serial burnouts :(((

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Posted by Paul G on April 24, 19101 at 14:41:46:

I dunno what to make of it, but I lost 2 serial ports on 2 computers that were connected with a NULL modem cable. One of them is on my Apple 2 GS, and other on my primary pc (good thing I have 2 com ports). What went wrong? I dunno. The computers were still connected with null modem cable when I turned GS off and unplugged it from outlet. As I unplugged GS I heard a sound as if someone lighted a match. I turned to GS and I smelled a little smoke(no visual). I popped the case of GS and I saw something like this www.geocities.com/paulka.geo/gsport.jpg. Conductive strip was completely burned out, leading from port's pinout to nearers ferrite choke coil. Ok, then I found out that PC's port was gone too, the same that was sharing NULL modem cable with GS's port. PC's port checks out ok with loopback test and Widnows. However no device connected to in can communicate with it. Anybody know what went wrong?? The NULL transfer was working fine. Could it be that PC was trying to send a packet from buffer and accidently struck switched-off GS's port and then burn itself out? Any ideas guys?

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